• Thank you Wounded Warriors for Ifly experience for Andrew and I, it was great fun!!!!
  • We will be handing out free school supplies for Veterans and their children donated by customers from Dollar Tree. We're still doing pickups so keep a watch here for updates about when you can come to shop for supplies. Probably about ten days or so.
  • Thank you Michael Saunders Employees for the $1,000 donation to Manasota Operation Troop Support today!!!
  • Thank you to Michael Saunders Realtors and associates for your generous donation of $1,000 to Manasota Operation Troop Support!
  • Thank you, Walmart!!!!
  • Save the Date!!! July 20th, all day long!  Supporting our Troops with "12 Cheers for 20 Years"
By now, you've probably heard that in 2017, we're celebrating Anna Maria Oyster Bar's TWENTIETH YEAR in business in the Manatee-Sarasota area with the 12 Cheers for 20 Years campaign. "12 Cheers" is as much a "cheers to US," as it is a "cheers to YOU!" It's due to our amazing staff and wonderful guests like you that we have reached this milestone.

So each month this year we've selected a different nonprofit for which we'll raise funds in a variety of different ways, but mostly through the sale of our Birthday Drinks. A portion of proceeds from our Birthday Cake Cocktail and Dos Equis drafts are donated to each cause all month long - and 100% on July 20th.

In July, we are supporting Manasota Operation Troop Support, which sends care packages to Manatee County locals who are currently deployed overseas.

´╗┐Come on down to have a drink and do some good!
  • Watch ABC 7 tonight for a glimpse of the Walmart Academy Graduation and community donations! You might see us receiving our grant! And kudos to Wal-Mart for giving a $50,000 check to the All Faiths Food Bank, it is greatly needed for our community!
  • Thank you to the youth of Suncoast Church for coming to Manasota Operation Troop Support to pack boxes for our troops! Some of them were experienced from past visits so I didn't have to teach them very much, they had good hearts too!
  • Anna Maria Oyster Bar is the best!
Manasota Operation Troop Support is their charity of the month so please read this article from their July newsletter to find out how you can EMBIBE and help MOTS TO THRIVE!

By now, you've probably heard that in 2017, we're celebrating Anna Maria Oyster Bar's TWENTIETH YEAR in business in the Manatee-Sarasota area with the 12 Cheers for 20 Years campaign. "12 Cheers" is as much a "cheers to US," as it is a "cheers to YOU!" It's due to our amazing staff and wonderful guests like you that we have reached this milestone.

So each month this year we've selected a different nonprofit for which we'll raise funds in a variety of different ways, but mostly through the sale of our Birthday Drinks. A portion of proceeds from our Birthday Cake Cocktail and Dos Equis drafts are donated to each cause all month long - and 100% on June 20th.

In July, we are supporting Manasota Operation Troop Support, which sends care packages to Manatee County locals who are currently deployed overseas.
  • We have a disabled veteran in the 34235 area code in Sarasota who needs his lawn mowed and trimmed. Would anyone out there like to help a veteran with your mower and a little sweat?
Linda Craig
Director, Manasota Operation Troop Support
  • Just got back from Fort Myers Paradies Stores with LOTS of hygiene and food items for our care packages for the Troops!
  • Great artwork from this mornings Btown Woodland Church camp at MOTS!!!
  • MOTS is shipping care packages this week to the men and women on the SS Fitzgerald who lost 7 Seamen in the accident at sea. Many people on board had their personal possessions water damaged or lost so we are concentrating right now on personal hygiene items like toothbrushes, razors, and grooming items. Thanks to the generosity of our community we have plenty of those supplies on our warehouse shelves. The Btown youth camper volunteers of Woodland Church are coming each day this week working to pack up the boxes. Our prayers go out to everyone from the Fitzgerald and their family and friends.
  • Come and help us support our deployed troops!!!!!
  • Soldiers To Civilians members held a school donation contest called Tenders for Defenders and brought the proceeds by today! Now we can mail more boxes! Now, guess the amount in this jar that they raised and you will win a MOTS exclusive T-shirt in any size you choose!
  • Giving Tree of Sawgrass Community in Venice donated food and a check for$158 to send care packages to our local deployed troops! Thank you Ann, Veronica and Frank!
  • Help us, help them. Still serving, still protecting us.
Manasota Operation Troop Support sends monthly care packages to any deployed troop with family ties to Manatee or Sarasota County. We also serve their families with a food pantry, school supplies, gifts, gas cards and more. Donations are always needed to keep this free program up and running.  If you or your company would like to make a differece in lives of our local military with a fundraiser or a donation, contact me at MOTSFL@gmail or call 941-782-0748.
  • Thank you to Christa Southgate and her two sons for delivering 36 new plastic food bins with locking lids for the MOTS warehouse courtesy of Northern Trust employees!!!!!!
  • Save the date!!!! We're excited to announce that November 4th, 2017, MOTS will have a "Main Event"!!!
Secret reveal soon, so stay tuned!
  • Thank you to all of the volunteers who marched with MOTS yesterday!
  • My heart is with my dad today. He passed in February, served 22 years in the military, was a Korean Vet, and leaves behind my mom who has come to live in Florida. Yesterday she spent the afternoon helping set up and run the MOTS tent at the Lakewood Ranch Parade. She misses Daddy so much. As a military wife she rolled with the punches, moving from base to base, often raising three kids alone when he was gone. Love you, Mom.
  • Some gave all. For me. For you.
  • A big shout going out to Sarasota Military Prep Academy for packing care boxes for our local deployed troops and donating $100 postage money!
  • Michelle Ringler, "Yoshi", and Linda Craig at Military Appreciation Night at Lecom.
  • This kind of says it all.
We have a request for ground coffee and creamer. Caffeine! I think we can all identify with that.
Feel free to drop it off at Lecom BallPark tomorrow at the Packing Party on Saturday at 9am or at the game Saturday night!
  • Attention Veterans!!!! Who would like to ride in a shiny convertible in the Lakewood Ranch Tribute toHeroes Parade on Sunday, May 28th at 7pm? Message me here!
  • Packing up a special soldier's birthday care package!
  • Mark your calendars for May 28th for the Tribute to Heroes Parade and Block Party at Lakewood Ranch! Walk in the parade with MOTS! Show your patriotism and honor all of our Veterans.
  • Mark your calendars for Tribute to Heroes Parade May 28th! It's a Sunday, the day before Memorial Day. Downtown activities from 5pm to 6 pm, then line up for parade starts for parade that begins at 7pm. Proceeds benefit local veterans organizations, including MOTS.
  • Our next Packing Party for the Troops will be held at Lecom Baseball Stadium in Bradenton at 9am on Saturday, May 13th! Mark your calendars and watch for updates here. Ball players will be there and the community will be donating food and other goodies through out the month at Lecom for us to pack into the care boxes on the 13th.
  • April 10th, Monday night from 6 to 9 pm Manasota Operation Troop Support will be at 3keysbrewing on Manatee Avenue West. Patrons get to spin the wheel to win a variety of prizes, including Easter Baskets, free beer and more! Help support MOTS by stopping by for a beer and a little food and a little fun.
  • Rachel and Madison just helped load 34 care packages for our local deployed troops and postage check to mail them. Thank you S-One/Lexjet!!!!
  • Spoiler alert Julian Alejos!
  • Just a few of the baby quilts for veterans children hand made by an angel in Palmetto Home Park!!!
  • Thank you 3 Keys Brewing for a great night and fundraiser! Can't wait to do it again!
  • ABC 7 news visited MOTS today, so watch for it tonight, not sure which time slot though.
  • MOTS families with children ten and under are invited to come by our office next week on Wednesday or Thursday to pick up a LARGE bag of Christmas stocking stuffers for the kids! If would prefer between 4 and 7 but I am flexible. Call me if you'd like to come by at a different time, 782-0748.
  • Girl Scout Troop 179 delivered these for our military troops today!
  • Our MOTS office just received hundreds of Christmas Cards from the Girl Scouts in Fort Myers to send to local deployed troops! Thank you Stormie Maddox for facilitating this tremendous outpouring of love to be mailed to our military. I'm already imagining the smiles when the boxes are opened on the other side of the world!
  • Paradies just packed 7 boxes full into my truck loaded with donated items from airport travelers!!!
  • I just returned from a Cub Scout meeting at Venice Trinity Presbyterian Church. They shopped for and assembled these Holiday stockings for our troops!
  • Friday we will be decorating and getting ready for our holiday party, from 10 to about 4. Everyone welcome to come and help!
  • Our favorite guest of the weekend, a 98 year old Army Veteran! Hooah!
  • Volunteers needed! Sandsculpting Event at Siesta Key November 11, 12, and 13th! Pick your hours!
  • Bobby Fearon, Laura Murphy, Mike K., Anthony Driscoll and others who signed up:
A little over a week until our fishing trip! We will meet 11/11/16 at 7:30 am at the Dry Dock Restaurant on Longboat Key. My # is 735-4386 is you have any questions. 
We have a fishing pole for everyone and you are covered under the captains fishing license.
Bring a towel and sun screen. We will have lunch after fishing! All alcoholic beverages will be your responsibility to pay.
Can't wait !
  • Wreaths Across America is DEFINITELY ON DECEMBER 17th.
I've had a few phone calls and messages that it is the 10th but I have verified that it is December 17th.
  • Mark your calendars!
  • MOTS needs your help, show your military pride by donating to our troops at
  • Thank you to the Morins for donating this to MOTS! You will see it out and about!
  • Buy a shirt, support your troops!
  • Pat and John Morin donated a five foot tall nostalgic corn popper to MOTS! Guess what we'll be using around town at our events to attract attention?!? Thank you, Pat, for reaching out to us at the Sarasota Flea Market with the great idea!
  • You can designate Manasota Operation Troop Support on your United Way giving program at your workplace and help support our local deployed military troops and their families!
  • As the sun sets on our beach tonight, think of our military and their families, separated by miles and miles of ocean.
  • I've done the math. It costs$16.90 to send a care package to a local deployed military troop. Do you think I will fit?
  • Mark your calendars for this Veteran's Bike Show! Thank you Hap's for supporting our military and MOTS!
  • More school supplies for Veteran's Children!
  • More kids supplies going out the door today!
  • Sadly, one of our biggest fundraising sites for MOTS is closing. We have appreciated all of the donors that we connected with who helped us to keep our mission of supporting military troops and their families in full swing. Almost$40,000 has been raised for MOTS over the years with the giving site. But times change, circumstances change, and we will change too. I'm working on some new fundraising ideas and I encourage all of you to share any ideas you have with me! Whether it's a big annual fundraiser or smaller workplace or retail ones, I'm all ears!
  • Northern Trust employees volunteering at MOTS right now!
  • Our veteran fisherman, Brock Turner, has dreams of fishing the Sarasota Slam this weekend. Being a new Dad it's not in the budget, so I'm just throwing it out there if a business wants to sponsor him and a fellow angler for a total entrance fee of $300, text me here! Brock is a former caseworker for MOTS and is taking veterans out to fish on his boat for veterans day. Great guy who I consider part of my own pack of sons!
  • Janet Hoffman from the DAV Auxiliary, Unit 18, just presented MOTS with a check for $1,000 to serve local military veterans children! Can I get a big Hooah!?!!!
  • Good luck to everyone fishing the Hernando Desoto Fishing Tournament this weekend!!!!!
  • Manatee County Historical Museum visitors filled out postcards to send to our local deployed military troops in the next round of care packages. Thank you, they will be appreciated!!!
  • I'm throwing the hook in the water!Are there any big fish out there with an even bigger heart for a Wounded Warrior who LIVES to fish? 
It's $300 entry fee for the Hernando Desoto Fishing Tournament on July 16th!
  • Fishermen, listen up please! MOTS has an Afghanistan military veteran who LIVES ( yes, he loves it, but it keeps him alive!) to fish and we are looking for a sponsor for him for the Hernando Desoto Fishing Tournament July 16th. It's $300 to enter and he does have a boat. 
I'm throwing the hook in water, do I have any big fish with a big heart for a Wounded Warrior who LIVES to fish?
  • This local young man is in boot camp and would love a letter or postcards!! He will only be at this address until the end of the month.
Let's make mail call a bright spot in his day! Kids are out of school, a great quiet time project for them to connect with a military troop.
He is in the Air Force, right out of high school and loves robotics.
A.B. Humphreys, Dylan L 
331 TRS/FLT510 (Dorm 4C2)
1320 Truemper St., Unit 369575
Lackland AFB, TX 78236-6409
  • Fill in the blank:
If I was a soldier living in the desert, I would like to get____________ in a package from home.
Chelle Fields got it right, she posted an answer to fill in the blank!!!!! Her answer was Watermelon Cabbage Patch Kids!
Come on people, I really want some answers!
  • Thank you to the lady in line at the Palma Sola post office who handed me a $20 donation as I was mailing care packages to our troops yesterday! Blessings!
  • The soldier in the picture is Bobby Fearon, veteran and father of one son. We are so proud that he has graduated with his Bachelor's degree! Bobby is applying for jobs now and is interested in teaching in the Manatee or Sarasota school areas. He has experience as a substitute teacher to bring to the table and a calm demeanor that always inspires confidence in me. I have known Bobby for over 5 years and MOTS has sent him monthly care packages on numerous overseas deployments. If you know a position that may be opening soon in his field, let's all keep him in mind for that job! He deserves it.
  • Paradies Shops at Sarasota Airport donations, look at the variety!!!!
  • Playing with my favorite app again!
  • Gator Lounge friends came to their first packing party today! Thank you so much for all of the goodies you brought to pack for our troops!
  • Hey, Kelly! Superwoman showed up today with a great vaca tan. She is putting together another Veterans Day Fishing Trip so if anyone has goodie bag items for our fisherman just let me know!
  • Ford family and friends at the packing party this morning!!!
  • Appreciation cookout for Veterans at Auto Nation on Friday!
  • Bird's eye view of some of the Manatee Military Mom's repurposed items for Habitat for Humanity Designer Showcase. Get your tickets for tomorrow night's event to benefit Habitat of Manatee. $25 each.
  • I am painting our showcase walls tomorrow morning at Habitat from 9 to 11:30 if anyone wants to help out. I know that most of you have day jobs so no worries if you can't!
  • MOTS will be there!!!!!
  • The day BEFORE Memorial Day at Lakewood Ranch will be a Tribute to Heroes Parade and Festival starting at 5pm and benefiting Manasota Operation Troop Support! Children's decorated bike parade, veterans motorcade, music, fun and more!
  • Memories at Sarasota National Cemetery...........
  • Packing Party for the Troops on Saturday, April 23rd at 9am sharp! Everyone is welcome, all ages too! Girl Scout Troop #900 brought in 240 boxes of cookies to pack in the boxes!!!!!!!!
  • MOTS Military troops and families, where are they now?
I'd like to invite all of you who have been served by MOTS to share what you would like with us here about where you are, how many more babies you have, or what your latest career move is? We still think of all of you and we want to know!
  • Great workshop today on utilizing to raise money for your local non profit.  It's so easy, ask me more about it for your
Non profit!
  • Palmetto Mobile Home Park Hobby Club donated $500 to Manasota Operation Troop Support from their annual garage sale this morning. And after coffee and donuts they passed a bucket and collected$433 more to donate! It truly takes a village, or should I say a mobile home park!?!!!
  • Do we have any MOTS  veterans who would like to ride in a convertible on May 29th at 630 pm in the Lakewood Ranch Parade?
  • Deanna Widder in Sarasota knitted more wrist warmers for our deployed troops!
  • Improv in Tampa donated some tickets to MOTS. Free, just message me here to claim.
  • St Joseph Kiwanis K Kids collected three big bins full of food and goodies for our local deployed military troops!!!!
  • This answers a lot of questions at the post office when I mail 50+ care packages to our local deployed troops!
  • Fun items donated by Paradie's at SRQ!
  • Phone cards from Paradie's!!!
  • Happy, happy troops receiving MOTS care packages for Valentine's Day!!!
  • February 20th is the next Packing Party for the Troops at 9am at MOTS, 4301 32nd Street West, Suite C 20 in West Bradenton. Everyone is welcome, all agrees! It lasts less than an hour and makes you feel great for the whole weekend!
  • Paradie's Shops at our local area Airport offers every traveler or shopper the opportunity to purchase an item or two for our MOTS local deployed troops' care packages. They filled my van today so our packing party this Saturday will be full of great items to pack! What a great community partner, thank you Paradie's!!!
  • Orange Ridge Elementary Students wrote letters and drew pictures for our Manasota Operation Troop Support soldiers, so sweet! They will go into the care packages this Saturday for Valentine's Day!

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